Master Vendor Services

Humint Consultants’ Master Vendor Services is an on-site solution that offers comprehensive support to all the recruitment activities of a company, while providing a host of added benefits at no additional cost.

We offer you flexible managed service programs that are designed to reduce costs while increasing productivity. We cover all professional and nonprofessional skills - ranging from call centre, industrial, clerical, and IT to engineering and finance.

Our Master Vendor Services will help you structure your company's recruitment and staffing providers into a single Master vendor relationship. This will streamline all processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce costs.

We will manage the interfacing between your organisation and all the recruitment suppliers, and provide you with just one point of contact. We will work closely with you to define a single process of compliance which everyone will follow. You will also get only one invoice, so you don't have to go through the hassle of taking care of the payment of multiple suppliers. And of course it goes without saying that we provide you access to a wide range of candidate databases.

Why Should Your Organization Consider A Master Vendor Program
  • Organizations that want to reduce or eliminate all unnecessary expenses in order to bring their risk exposure under control can consider consolidating the supplier portfolio and getting rid of unrelated spending. By consolidating everything under a single master vendor program, you will have a final control over all vendors.
  • Humint Consultants can provide a unique and management program to optimise your overhead cost structure and provide significant savings.
  • The following are some of the advantages that you will derive from our Master Vendor Services.
  • You will have a single point of contact to manage all vendors.
  • Reduction of liabilities and easier management of contract employees through payroll management.
  • Increased accountability in all supplier business partnerships.
  • Improved time and cost savings because we will be handling all the invoicing, timesheet, remittance, and other administrative processes.
  • Management of all activities such as on boarding, compliance, training, and off boarding.
  • Strong systems that cover the whole range of subvendor management processes.
  • Contingent worker staffing.
  • Detailed analytics and reports to keep you informed.
  • A great deal of savings because of high volume discounts.

Our pricing models allow us to engage suppliers at lower margins, thus reducing cost per hire. If you want a Master vendor program for improved efficiency and reduce costs, you cannot go wrong with Humint Consultants.

What We Does As Your Onsite Consultant
  • As your onsite recruitment consultant, we will attract the right candidates and match them to either the temporary or permanent positions that are open with your organization. Because we work closely with you through every step of the process, we would have a deep understanding of your recruitment needs.
  • We use a wide range of methods such as advertising, networking, and referrals to find you the best employees. We take care of identifying the candidates, interviewing them, doing background checks, and finally on boarding them into your organization.
  • As a recruitment consultant, we provide the critical link between client organisations and candidates. We invest heavily in building a great relationship with our clients; this is what gives us the advantage of deeply understanding your organisation and industry, your work culture, and the expectations that you have from your potential employees. This key insight allows us to find the perfect match for your organization.
  • If you're thinking of a flexible master vendor services program for your business, get in touch with us and we can help you with the complete support you need for all your recruitment activities.