Oracle’s E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications or Oracle EBS) of Oracle Application Management Services offers one of the most comprehensive sets of integrated business applications. Just like Oracle database systems, Oracle Applications requires detailed attention and expert skills in order for it to be maintained properly and working to peak performance.

If you are running Oracle Applications, in addition to the Oracle database platform, Humint is your answer for 24×7 monitoring, expert skills, and a lower cost than is possible with internal administration. We offer Oracle Applications administration in each of our core remote management services. We have a team dedicated to remotely administering Oracle systems and ensuring 24×7 operation of your production environment.

Continuous Service Assurance for Oracle Applications

Just as with our CSA service for databases, CSA for Oracle Applications provides timely and reliable day-to-day administration of the system environment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • 24×7 Oracle EBS Monitoring: Automated checks of the EBS environment, including system availability, alert logs, space allocations, system resources, and file system space.
  • 24×7 Oracle EBS Troubleshooting: Research and corrective actions to address critical system-level issues, including root cause analysis.
  • Routine Maintenance Processes: The execution of Standard Operating Procedures and standard maintenance tasks unique to your environment.
  • Service Management Reporting: Using the ONguard clientDIRECT Portal, customers have access to system performance data, event data, and the ability to submit and manage service requests.
Humint for Oracle Applications

CSA for Oracle Applications is packaged with our Humint Services. While CSA provides excellent essential service, Humint enables an hourly, as-needed approach to those tasks that are needed from time to time

  • System Implementations & Updates: Creating, installing, upgrading, patching and configuring the Oracle Applications system and software.
  • System Security & Administration: Modifications made to the Oracle Applications accounts, objects and processes, such as managing privileges, components, setups and parameters.
  • System Analysis & Improvement: Research, analysis, recommendations and execution of activities to improve your system performance and longevity.
  • System Backup & Recovery: Preparing, creating and testing backup and recovery-related processes specific to your Oracle Applications environment.
Projects for Oracle Applications

Many of our customers have larger, more specialized projects than those typically handled under Humint. In these cases, we develop a scope of work and project estimate. Humint deploys a project team to complete the work in an agreed-upon time frame. Typically, work that exceeds 40 total hours is considered project or consulting work and will have a more detailed scope of work accompanying it. Typical project work may include upgrades, major performance improvement initiatives or new environment deployments.

Are you running Oracle E-Business Support with other database platforms? Our customers choose Humint proven methods of managing all of their platforms through a single, integrated operation. Humint also provide services to the following Projects:

  • Oracle Upgrade Services
  • Oracle Migration Services
  • Oracle Performance Tuning
  • Oracle Database Consulting & Projects