Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility provides a business with tools and technologies to conduct business any where, any time, and any place.

With heavy increase in usage of Mobile devices, Organizations have to think of providing their customers, partners and other stake-holders to interact with their backend systems using mobile devices. Humint can provide organizations to take complete advantage of using Mobile Applications to deliver their core services.

A mobile enterprise application platform helps you to :

  • Enhance communication by linking smart devices, wireless networks and Cloud computing.
  • Reduce overlaps.
  • Increase efficiency by saving time.
  • Give a greater degree of visibility on work in progress.
  • Access records and gain insights into future projects.

Humint provides a single solution that caters to all users using any smart mobile device leveraging IBM worklight technology. Instead of developing native applications individually catering to IOS, Android, Windows and blackberry, customers can now take advantage of IBM worklight solutions without compromising on native features.

Humint has extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining mobile applications developed on IBM worklight.

Humint enables you to quickly transition to digital through enterprise application development and other enterprise business solutions.