Business Process Management Service

It is absolutely vital for the enterprise to have complete visibility and control over its critical business processes, in order to optimize business efficiency and make agile changes with new strategic initiatives.

Through our COE for BPM, Humint provides many innovative and custom services in the space of BPM.

  • Process Integration (BPEL).
  • Legacy Modernization and Technology Upgrades.
  • Process Modeling and Implementation.
  • Decision Management Implementation and Support.
  • Process Optimization Services.
  • Support and Maintenance Activities.
  • BPM Managed Services.

Being experts in the space of SOA, Humint is the best choice partner to implement your SOA-enabled BPM initiative. Through our expertise we help bring agility, intelligence and scalability to your process infrastructure and in turn drive your business forward. Our teams have in-depth expertise in analyzing, understanding and reengineering your processes to provide a consolidated platform for monitoring activities.

Humint BPM professionals are enabled to help you achieve a process-centric solution for improving, innovating and optimizing how your organization runs. From Process Design to Orchestration to Governance to Performance Tuning to Support, we are your trusted partner for next generation BPM initiatives.