SQL Server DBA

Humint’s SQL Server Support Service enables companies to maintain complex SQL Server Database environments on a reduced budget and to focus on strategic projects by offering them in depth expertise of Humint’s personnel through a tailored delivery model that can be onsite, remote, or a combination to suit your needs. This Service provides 24 hour security through a combination of Telephone Support, Web Based Support, 24x7 Remote Monitoring and Proactive Administration. It also enables companies to invest in their current staff via knowledge transfer agreements with us.

Humint’s SQL Server Support means that you will have a flexible, cost-effective subscription service to ensure that your company's entire SQL Server environment is and remains healthy, performs well and has the ability to draw on expert resources, when needed. These resources take the form of a dedicated Database Consultant on hand to ensure that your databases are running to the best of their ability. The service provides proactive monitoring and problem resolution, preventative maintenance, 24x7 alert responses, backup and recovery administration and a range of other production-related SQL Database and Applications support services. Some of the basic component pieces are:

Key Features

  • SQL Server DBA Expertise on demand means that you will have immediate access to a team of experts who are able to answer difficult problems and support requests that are essential to the smooth running of your database. Our unique expertise can reduce the time taken to resolve issues, and therefore leave your database team free to concentrate on other projects. Our flexible Service Levels allow our clients to support workload peaks and complex problems with subject matter experts, as they are needed.
  • Dedicated SQL Server DBA ensures that the support you receive is based on firsthand knowledge of your systems, as well as provides a consistent primary point of contact. When you need help or have a problem, a person who you know (and who knows you) will be the one working on your problem. Furthermore, this person will be security cleared and is used to working with any sensitive or confidential data.
  • Maximum Availability Architecture (RAC, Active Data Guard).
  • 24x7 monitoring and management is available to handle those events that threaten the availability of the database environment and require immediate action. Our software for remote access allows Humint’s database specialists to collect and provide automated 24x7 analyses of all SQL Server Database statistics on a predetermined schedule.
  • Knowledge Transfer is important to ensure that your team is learning and growing from the expertise that we offer on a daily basis. This process of mentoring DBAs can take on two basic forms: letting people know exactly how we solve problems and why we approached it in the way we did, and or simply answering difficult technology questions. We are also available to talk through new ideas or test theories and to fill in small (but critical) gaps in understanding.