DB2 DBA Managed Service

Humint has been working with DB2 for 7 years and our experienced consultants know DB2 better. From simple product installation to complex performance and tuning adjustments, our team is able to help you extract the maximum value from your DB2 software.

Humint’s DB2 Database Services can offer:

  • DB2 installation, upgrades and migrations.
  • Install & Configure – Installation, configure and fine tune the solution specific to your application and system requirements including high availability and disaster recovery.
  • Solution architecture, database design and capacity planning.
  • Implementation of High availability solutions including DB2 HADR - High Availability and Disaster Recovery, Log Shipping, Table Replication, GRIDSCALE - the "never stop" clustered database solution(Continuous Availability and Data Virtualization).
  • DB2 Health Checks and Managed Services for a continuous healthy system.
  • Performance and Tuning DB2 offers a comprehensive option of editions to cater for small shops through to large organizations. Some features are not available in all editions, although the DB2 core database, functionalities, standards and interfaces are the same across editions as well as operating systems.

Humint’s Database Services fully understands each DB2 edition, its features and how to correctly license the software in order to offer you the most cost-effective solution. Some editions have enforced hardware limitations (i.e.: maximum hardware processor capacity or maximum number of PVUs – Processor Value Units).