Used in virtually every industry, the Oracle Database remains the Gold Standard for database processing. For critical deployments, a 99.99% uptime guarantee is not good enough. To achieve the highest availability of your database requires Real Application Cluster ("RAC") configurations running on fault tolerant servers and the fastest EMC VMAX storage deployed in an Enterprise Class Datacenter, all managed by experienced DBAs and Technical Analysts.

Humint is proud to offer a 100% uptime Service Level Agreement ("SLA") for databases that absolutely positively have to stay up.

The investment in time and money to deploy, maintain, and coordinate the hardware, virtual servers, clusters, operating system versions and patches, and Oracle products into a cohesive in-house environment is enormous and not feasible for most organizations. Learning and staying current with the required knowledge and skills is an additional burden.

With Humint, you gain access to an expertly managed database with certified personnel supporting you, all for a predictable fixed monthly fee. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Core Services delivers expert Oracle Applications implementation, development, and support to clients worldwide via its Hosting, Cloud, and Consulting services.

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