For many companies, Backup and Recovery is a non-value added challenge.

  • Physical backup tapes are prone to read failures often only discovered when tapes are needed for a recovery. Additionally, tapes can sometimes get lost or not contain the required data or programs needed to perform a recovery. Beyond that, you still need to send your tapes offsite for complete DR, prove to your auditors that you did send your tapes offsite, and store the tapes safe from heat, fire, and natural disasters. Many companies incur a non- trivial monthly expense rotating tapes off site to providers such as Iron Mountain.
  • Virtual Tape Libraries, (VTL) have improved upon the deficiencies inherent with physical tapes and tape storage. But VTL technology is expensive and for complete Disaster Recovery you need two deploy two VTLs in two different data centers. Additionally skilled Backup Administrators with VTL Certifications are not easy to find and hard to keep busy as there is often not enough work at one enterprise to fully utilize a VTL technician. Also VTL technology remains in a state of flux, with vendors constantly inventing new, better iterations. In such a volatile marketplace, it is hard to protect your investment in hardware and trained personnel.
  • With either option, you’d still need to purchase, implement, and maintain an expensive tape library and backup programs such as NetBackup or Legato.

Enter Backup as a Service.

With BaaS, all the technology assets, designs, implementation plans, SOPs, and trained certified personnel are ready for you to leverage on day one. There is no expensive backup software for you to purchase and maintain, no learning curve for you or your people, and no need to contract for offsite tape storage services. It is a simple utility service that works over a Wide Area Network ("WAN"). Just let us install a 4U appliance at your site and the backups will flow from your site to our state-of-the-art data center.

Using EMC's Avamar technology and a sophisticated de-duplication algorithm, Humint can backup virtually any defined subset or your entire dataset including but not limited to Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SAP, Epicor, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Lotus Notes, AutoCAD, Multi-Media, Source Code, Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, IBM DB2, PC workstations, UNIX workstations, or Virtual Machines for $2.50 per Month per GB.

Options Include:

  • VMware Server Image Backups.
  • Enterprise Applications.
  • Remote Office Backup.
  • Desktop and Laptop Backup.

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